SHRU The Intelligent Cat Companion ™

$119.00 $98.00

+ SHRU is designed to mimic and respond like a living animal, keeping kitties kitty mentally and physically stimulated while you’re out. No more guilt when you leave kitty home alone!

+ Turn SHRU on in the morning, and it plays on-and-off throughout the day based on how your kitty plays with SHRU

+ You can tune SHRU’s settings to your cat’s unique play style and sound preferences using SHRUPlay

+ SHRU is fully rechargeable via USB so that you need not go hunting for batteries when it dies

+ Interchangeable tails spice up kitty’s life; Each SHRU comes with one Fluffy Feather Tail

The SHRU Guarantee:

We are certain your kitty is going to love her new BFF! If kitty doesn’t love SHRU as much as she should, you can return it within 30 days of receipt for a full refund, no questions asked.

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SKU: 0003

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